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Unimog Information

This site is dedicated to the Merecedes-Benz Unimog.  See what the Unimog® Shop is all about.


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Leave a Comment below with additional information that would be valuable to Unimog owners.  I would like to build this section with lots of good information both 3rd party and first hand experience.

20 Responses to “Unimog Information”

  1. I would like to get more information on the unimog trailer the pop up with hard sides.
    And two pop out sides with hard sides.
    Please tell where I can go for information and prices.
    Thank you for you time on this suject.
    Gary Nicholas

  2. Gary:

    I’m not sure which trailer you’re referring to. There is the one that’s a fire trailer with fire equipment that has been sold.


  3. Please tell me where I can fin information on
    The mog trailer it’s a it’s a Hard sided pop up camper trailer type .
    Thank you Gary Nicholas

  4. JohnnyQuestDrivesaUnimogU5000 on November 24, 2011 @ 4:59 pm

    Gary, Try to search around on the site http://www.unicat.net or .com If you go to the site, bypass the ‘Guy’ in the USA,and go straight to the European “Tab” on the toolbar ,then hit the English button, Oh yea! Grab a Hankie.. your gunna Drool ! P.S. UNICAT is not on RockyMtn Mogger site, Also the HellGeth Brothers started out in business,by doing Engineering work for them ( They are also based in Germany )…Mike

  5. I’m restoring a 1970 unimog 411.120 hardtop I need a windshield.I live in Illinois USA if anyone could help me locate one that would be great. Thank you

  6. I need information between Unimog U1600 and U 2450 Horsepower or differences..Thank you,, Horst

  7. Whats the Difference between Unimog U1600 andU 2450 Thank you,,horst

  8. Hi,
    Can anyone tell me where I can buy parts and body panels for an I 1700L Unimog please?
    Preferably in Australia but anywhere will be OK. Mercedes Australia don’t have much but what the do have is priced “Off the Planet”.

  9. Hola
    Estoy interesada en el unimog 402, me gustaria obtener la información detallada de este Mercedes

  10. I live on Big Island of Hawii. Looking for best and nearest agricultural Unimog with front loader and backhoe

  11. For Marshall, dude you’re in luck, look immediately on http://www.govliquidation.com; USMilitary has one that needs a boost to start and keys, but its right there in Hawaii! Just search for FLU419 or look at the vehicle construction equipment categories. Its also referred to as the SEE (small emplacement excavator). I think it had a recent overhaul.
    Anyone know if there’s means to determine the year of manufacture/production for a particular unimog from the mid 80’s. The chassis number is 42512110000523, when one adds the WDB in front and runs a vin decoder, one gets a unimog, but with a 2001 date which is not correct. Data card not present.


  12. I want to put disc brakes on my 404 axles. Does anyone know of an inexpensive installation? Who does the machine work, adapters, calipers and master cylinder.

  13. I am looking for a custom Unimog builder/fabricator. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Gary

  14. Hola buenas tardes necesito saber como puedo conseguir el sistema de toma de fuerza y sistemas hidráulico (tomas hidráulicas) para un U1000 modelo 1986
    Tambien necesito saber como conseguir una parte de la transmicion de lantera exactamente es un piñon grande que trabaja en la seccion de la rueda izquierda que va engranado junto a un piñon pequeno que sale con eje estas parte es de U406 modelo 1984

  15. Je ima negdje tzlaz sa mjenjaca za vitlo od unimog 404

  16. Regarding List ID 2535BDC95C73982C
    Hi I would like to get more picktures of inside cab, floor , any dents. Also of under the hood please. I also would like to know more detail about the over all condition.
    Also how do I contact the seller to go and look at the unit and arange for payment and pickup.

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